Privately owned businesses

We know the opportunities and challenges owners like you face are unique – so let’s talk!

High pressure to innovate, farsighted succession planning, raising capital, ensuring liquidity, entering new markets, efficient value creation structures and reorganisation are just some of the challenges that owners, executives and partners like you at SMEs or family businesses face.

We believe that our economy and society are built on the success of businesses like yours. That is why we dedicate ourselves every day to finding smart and flexible solutions to your challenges and helping make the dreams you have a reality. The Privately Owned Business group at Mazars is made up of experts in the field of medium-sized enterprises who work passionately to support your goals. 

We know what we are talking about. That is because we work with over 50,000 privately owned businesses worldwide – from start-ups and high growth companies, to SMEs, mature multinationals and medium sized and family businesses. We give them confidence in their organisations and helping them achieve their ambitions.

Take a look below at our insights and services, and get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!


Optimize platform: our smart and flexible approach to supporting privately owned and medium-sized businesses

To give you better insights into your business activities and the basis for your decisions, Mazars has developed Optimize, our proprietary business diagnostics and benchmarking platform. Optimize lets you know where your business currently stands and where it is headed, plus it sheds a light on basic fields of action that could benefit your company.

If you are looking to draw up a realistic strategic business plan, improve performance or increase profitability, then talk to us! The Privately Owned Business group at Mazars has a wealth of experience in a wide range of fields and will work with you to discuss details and the opportunities that Optimize can offer your business.

Learn herehow Optimize can help you.