Environmental protection, sustainability, decentralised energy supply, security of supply: the legal aspects of the energy industry are becoming increasingly complex. We provide comprehensive advice to the players in the energy sector on all energy-related issues.

Our approach

We draw on our long-term expertise in all sectors of the energy industry, especially in relation to electricity, gas, and (district) heating. We advise, among others, energy suppliers, industrial companies, project developers, power plant operators, and municipalities in energy and infrastructure projects, contract development, and regulatory and judicial proceedings.

Our expert, dedicated team is on hand to answer any questions concerning the supply of grid-based energy, grid operation, regulatory issues as well as any questions concerning decentralised power and heat generation (in particular Germany’s Renewable Energy Act [EEG], Combined Heat and Power Act [KWKG], power and energy tax legislation, and energy trading).

Problems related to energy industry legislation cannot be resolved solely through expertise in the energy sector. Mazars, therefore, provides the advantage of comprehensive, interdisciplinary advice which considers all aspects of corporate, competition, and public procurement law as well as civil and labour law.

Our lawyers are supported by numerous experienced tax consultants, auditors, financial advisers, and energy industry consultants and can draw on their expertise as well. In international matters, we have a network of partners of the Mazars Group and the Marcalliance legal alliance.

Our services

We offer comprehensive advice in the following areas in the energy sector:

Energy industry legislation, energy trade

  • Unbundling
  • Grid fees
  • Public (power) supply
  • Grid access
  • Measurement point operations
  • Customer facilities / closed distribution systems
  • Founding of energy supply and energy grid companies
  • Control and compensation energy
  • Power and gas trading
  • Power-to-gas

Renewable energies, co-generation of heat and power

  • EEG (Renewable Energy Act) and KWKG (Combined Heat and Power Act) plants
  • Public (power) supply
  • Government support
  • Direct marketing
  • Call for tenders
  • Project planning
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Redispatch

Electricity (cost)-intensive end customers

  • Special compensation scheme
  • Grid levy limitations
  • Agreement on special grid fees
  • Electricity price compensation
  • Electricity volume limitations
  • Energy compliance

Decentralised power and heating plans

  • Self-sufficiency plans
  • Direct supply
  • Leasing and plant management models
  • Neighbourhood concepts
  • Project contracts with property developers
  • Tenant electricity (supply)
  • E-mobility and charging infrastructure
  • Metrology
  • Development of contracting solutions
  • Conversion to commercial heat supply
  • Use of thermal and energy storage devices
  • District heating statutes

Energy contract law

  • Drafting and review of electricity, gas and heat supply contracts
  • Drafting of price adjustment clauses
  • Lease and usage agreements for generating plants
  • Operating agreements and maintenance contracts

Concession and licence agreements

  • Remunicipalisation of electricity and gas grid networks
  • Process for awarding concessions
  • Preparation of concession and licence agreements (electricity, gas and heat)
  • Termination clauses
  • Concession fee

Transactions in the energy sector

  • Acquisition and sale of power generating plants
  • Network acquisitions
  • Acquisition and sale of electricity cost-intensive companies
  • Review of the legal impact of restructuring and reorganisation

Energy tax legislation, electricity tax legislation

  • Energy tax relief and electricity tax exemption
  • Tax cap for energy-intensive users
  • Regional direct marketing
  • Tax court proceedings
  • Representation in dealings with the main customs office

Decarbonisation and environmental protection

  • Hydrogen
  • European and national emissions trading
  • Energy efficiency and energy savings
  • Climate-neutral public transportation

Energy law disputes

  • Representation in analysis (regulatory) authority and judicial proceedings

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