The trucking industry is confronted with similar challenges. Freight hauling faces pressures to improve efficiency and become more sustainable even as barriers to trade increase. With tighter margins due to rising operational costs, the sector has to improve its financial performance even as customers expect faster delivery.

Our approach

Besides the economic issues, sustainability, environmental protection and employee recruitment pose a challenge for the industry. Replacing vehicles is often associated with extensive investments, which is why Mazars offers management consulting – in addition to the usual tax, legal and auditing services – to help its clients optimize their costs and create ideal financing structures with the help of the right advisors.

Our services

We offer the following services for the trucking sector:

  • Audits of annual financial statements
  • Tax declaration and structuring advice
  • Support for out-of-court and in-court tax appeal proceedings
  • Accounting and outsourcing services
  • Management consultancy (such as ways to optimize fixed costs)
  • Financing consulting
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Legal advice