Healthcare & Life Sciences

Independent specialist advice to help deliver better, fairer health outcomes

Hardly any other market is as strictly regulated as the healthcare market. Due to the high level of state regulation, it touches on a multitude of legal areas of public and private law. In addition, the stakeholders in the healthcare market must observe special legal and regulatory, economic and fiscal framework conditions.

The healthcare authorities, companies and institutions make key operational and strategic decisions about the organisation, possible participations, cooperations and other developments. They are also subject to a large number of requirements, which they must comply with but which are associated with considerable costs. In order to be able to support you in this in the best possible way, we take all legal, regulatory as well as economic and tax-related specifics and questions into account throughout our consulting services.

Our approach

For each project, we select the specialists with the relevant legal, regulatory, tax law and economic expertise to be able to provide you with effective, tailored and legally compliant services and solutions. Our teams and your contact persons are experienced in their sectors thanks to a wealth of consulting and advisory projects already successfully completed. For international issues, we are supported by our international partners at the Mazars Group and the lawyers of Marcalliance. In addition, we also have access to an excellent network of cooperation partners and contacts with the relevant authorities and self-management committees.

Our services

We advise service providers in the healthcare market. Our clients include hospitals and nursing facilities in public, private and non-profit ownership, outpatient service providers such as ambulatory healthcare centres, physicians and dentists in private practice as well as other medical service providers and healthcare service organisations in the broader sense including healthcare investors.

We also advise medical device manufacturers and manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics, as well as pharmacies and pharmaceuticals. Our Digital Health Services department supports providers of the latest healthcare, such as developers of digital health applications and telemedicine providers. We also advise providers of Life Science Services and those in the field of biotech.