The shipping and water transport sector is crucial to the free flow of goods across the globe. However, with consumer habits shifting and protectionism and tariffs threatening cross-border trade, companies operating in this industry face many risks and opportunities alike. They also have to respond to new regulatory challenges, as the drive to decarbonize the sector is resulting in new investment needs.

Our approach

Mazars has over 35 years of shipping expertise at its Hamburg location and maintains a presence with teams of specialists at all major shipping hubs around the world.

The market conditions in the shipping industry are subject to constant and rapid change. As a result, highly flexible planning and responses are of the essence for shipping companies. What is more, rising standards in terms of environmental protection and sustainability, along with the latest developments in digitalization, pose countless challenges for the industry. Only those that keep up and help their companies evolve have the potential to stay afloat in the market in the long term and successfully navigate the waters of the competition.

Whether you operate a single vessel or a global fleet, charter ships, sell insurance or run a crewing or travel agency, our experts advise and support you no matter your unique challenges or issues. Our membership in the international, integrated and independent Mazars partnership allows us to develop seamless global solutions for you from a single source.

Our services

We offer the following services for the shipping sector:

  • Audits of annual financial statements
  • Tax declaration and structuring advice for shipping companies and investors
  • Support for out-of-court and in-court tax appeal proceedings
  • Corporate structuring and financial structuring advice
  • Prospectus review  
  • Corporate valuation and fair market value calculation for assets