Employment and HR

The competent handling of labour law issues is of vital importance for a company’s long-term success, especially in today's dynamic employment environment. We provide you, the employer, with comprehensive HR legal advice on how to implement new processes, restructure an existing business, and handle everyday operations.

Our approach

Our labour law team has many years of practical experience and advises and represents national and international enterprises in a variety of sectors, public sector institutions, and religious institutions, as well as managing directors, board members, and other executives in all areas of individual and collective labour law and employment contract law. We provide you with practical advice and tailor-made solutions developed by interdisciplinary teams precisely attuned to your needs.

Our services

In the field of employment and HR law, we offer the following consulting services:

Employment contract law, recruitment and hiring processes

  • Contract negotiations and drafting all types of employment contracts, advice on remuneration systems, working time arrangements, termination law, fixed-term employment contracts, job grading

HR Compliance

  • Anti-discrimination, contract management systems (contract lifecycle management), combating illegal employment, whistleblower systems, employee data protection, occupational health and safety, and minimum wage
  • Review of the appropriateness of remuneration of CEO, board members, and supervisory boards, especially for public or non-profit companies


  • Works Council Constitution Act, personnel representation law, ecclesiastical rights of co-determination, arbitration committee proceedings, reconciliation of interests negotiations, social compensation plan (redundancy scheme), labour court decision-making processes, entrepreneurial co-determination as per German Co-determination Act (MitbestG), and German One-Third Participation Act (DrittelbG).

Reorganisation, Transaction, Restructuring

  • Transfer of employee arrangements, transfer of business units according to sec. 613a German Civil Code (BGB), personnel reductions (layoffs), HR due diligence processes, privatisations, lease of personnel / employee leasing


  • Legal representation in labour, social, civil, and administrative jurisdiction 

Collective bargaining law

  • Collective bargaining in public service and the private sector, collective bargaining negotiations, application issues

Remote work

  • Implementation and structuring of remote work policies, work from home and teleworking workplaces that take into account co-determination, employee protection regulations, working time legislation, and employee data protection

Special forms of service contract law

  • Freelance employees, temporary workers, trade representatives, management agreements, the development of employment contracts including bonus and pension schemes, in particular those for board members, executives, and managers
  • Status proceedings

International employee mobility

  • Formulation and review of assignment (posting) agreements, intercompany contracts, consulting on cross-border restructuring operations, consulting on the formulation of employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements with international relevance

Start-up consulting

  • Start-up companies, foreign investors

Special issues

  • Company pension plans, compulsory supplementary public service pension scheme: federal or state benefit plans (VBL), supplemental pension plan (ZVK), and church pension fund (KZVK)
  • Employee participation programmes (e.g., Stock Option Plans, VSOP, etc.)

Talk to us! We are here to support you and assist with your problems and questions related to service and labour law. Our consulting services also include customised in-house training courses tailored to your needs, and workshops (online or in-person) on current issues

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