Inheritance law and business succession

We understand that managing the succession in assets and (family-owned) businesses is a holistic task that considers the personal, tax, and legal circumstances. With our broad experience and our international presence, we always find the right solutions, even in complex and cross-border situations.

The succession in assets and businesses involves the (tax-wise) optimal transfer of private and corporate assets either during life or upon death. We offer legally secure and at the same time tax-optimised solutions designed to preserve the family assets in its portfolio and not endanger the continued existence of the company due to tax burdens resulting from the transfer.

Our approach

We know the legal and tax framework and can therefore develop a solution best-suited to your needs for the transfer of your assets.

We view succession planning as a holistic task, taking into account personal and family circumstances.

Our services

In the area of asset and business succession, we offer you the following consulting services:

Tax-optimised structuring of company and asset succession

  • Legal and tax structuring of your assets, both nationally and internationally
  • Restructuring of corporate assets
  • Support in the choice of successor: family member(s), management (MBI/MBO), or third parties (M&A)
  • Support in developing an appropriate succession plan (direct transfer, family-owned business, family foundation, trusts, etc.)
  • Determining the optimal type of transfer
  • Formulating the necessary contracts (in particular gift agreements, articles of association, transformation agreements)
  • Preparation of precautionary documents (power of attorney, living will, etc.)

Foundation law

  • Establishment of a family foundation, employee foundation, charitable foundation, or trust
  • Formulation of foundation statutes
  • Ongoing support of the foundation, including tax declarations

Inheritance law

  • Anticipated asset succession (gifts)
  • Preparation of wills, inheritance contracts, and waiver of the compulsory portion
  • Judicial representation and the conduct of legal proceedings
  • Objections to, and claiming of, compulsory portions
  • Planning and execution of wills

Inheritance tax law

  • Preparation of all necessary tax returns and assessments:
    • Gift tax declarations
    • Inheritance tax declarations
    • Business and share valuations (both in the simplified German income approach and in accordance with the German Institute of Auditors [IDW] S 1 valuation)
    • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
    • Monitoring of administrative assets in Group structures
    • Valuation of real estate assets (if necessary, with the assistance of our certified experts)
    • Subsequent tax declarations for the testator
  • Development and implementation of tax-optimised structures: optimal use of allowances, usufruct, family home, company asset tax advantages, transmutation agreements
  • Cross-border arrangements (trusts, relocation, etc.)

Pre-nuptial agreements

  • Formulation of legally binding and tax-optimised pre-nuptial agreements, in particular, those involving matrimonial property regimes
  • Tax arrangements involving matrimonial property regimes; transmutation agreements

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