With economic and geopolitical uncertainty a constant threat, managing logistics and supply chains is growing increasingly complex. A reduction in the barriers to entry, coupled with digitalization as a major driver of change, creates new sources of disruption for logistics companies. Businesses also have to respond to challenges resulting from labor shortages and the rise of e-commerce.

Our approach

“Last mile” and “4PL” are just two of the trends that are on the minds of industry players and their customers. The last mile, which refers to the transport of goods to their customers, often accounts for the lion’s share of the costs associated with delivering a package and plays a significant role in urban traffic congestion. In 4PL, a logistic company’s services are no longer restricted to merely brokering space on ships, trucks, trains and planes, placing the coordination of logistics processes front and center with the aim of optimizing supply chains.

Our clients include owner-operated international freight forwarders and 4PL service providers alike. We support them with tailored services designed to meet their unique needs.

Our services

We offer the following services and more for the logistics sector:

  • Audits of annual financial statements
  • Tax declaration and structuring advice, including customs law
  • Support for out-of-court and in-court tax appeal proceedings
  • Accounting and outsourcing services
  • M&A
  • Corporate valuation and fair market value calculation for assets
  • Legal advice