This is how you benefit from our VAT Compliance Inspection

  • We have a solid understanding of your business model and the economic motives driving the business.
  • The above allows us to effectively evaluate the business’s transactions and make suggestions to improve and optimize the business’s processes.
  • The VAT returns prepared by us will always reflect the up-to-date VAT law and jurisdiction.
  • Our experts have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of industries and business sectors. If your business model and the resulting VAT questions and issues that arise demand, we are also able to involve our international Mazars colleagues.
  • We will discuss the result of our VAT Compliance Inspection with you; depending on the complexity and your requirements, you will also receive a written memo.

VAT Compliance Inspection – what does that cost?

The detailed review is designed to benefit your business and save it money in the medium and long term. We charge for this service based on the time spent and the hourly rates of our VAT experts. The amount of time needed depends on the complexity of your business model. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a concrete offer.

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