inControl: Global Compliance Made Easy

Do you work as a financial director, in managerial accounting or as a compliance officer at an international company? Are you familiar with the problems caused by different compliance regulations and legal requirements at the company’s various locations?

If so, maintaining an overview of the different local compliance requirements and monitoring them are among the day-to-day challenges you face. Our coordinated “Global Compliance made easy” system, which uses our web-based inControl software, will help you to perform this task in a cost-efficient manner, save time and create transparency.

We developed inControl based on our experience working with internationally operating companies. inControl is an online portal that provides you with a complete overview of your compliance activities. With inControl, you can see the status of all local activities at a single glance and identify where action is needed. A simple dashboard with real-time information helps you to maintain a continuous overview of all compliance processes at all locations. An email is sent to contact partners recorded in the system to remind them of upcoming or lapsed deadlines.

Advantages of inControl

  • All tasks at a single glance – efficient coordination of all compliance tasks worldwide
  • More transparency – information about the current status of every compliance process, irrespective of where you are based.
  • Company-specific process flows – your internal organisation and the processes are displayed in the online portal.
  • Greater efficiency – optimised workflows lower the level of routine communication via other channels and reduce the amount of coordination needed.
  • Monitoring performance – the clearly structured and easy-to-use dashboard makes it possible to quantify the status of activities using KPIs.
  • Lower risk – individually set, business-specific “risk points” provide automatic information about legal and financial risks. The information is provided at a point in time when effective intervention is still possible.
  • Global 24/7 access – inControl is internet-based. This ensures that access is available around the clock from any location.
  • Up-to-the-minute reports – these replace the usual weekly or monthly reports and highlight adherence to deadlines in real time.
  • Centralised document folder – easy access to all documents with version control.
  • Easy to use – the high level of user-friendliness means that users need little or no training.

inControl is also used in our “Venturing Abroad” programme where we advise and assist SMEs with their international expansion. Monitoring and coordinating business processes and deadlines in different countries is also essential to the success of international growth.

The employees and service providers in question are consulted in detail on the installation of inControl. Implementation takes place as part of a change management process – covering the entire process of presenting the Global Compliance made easy system, testing access to inControl and going live with the system. The aim is to put in place a long-term partnership to reduce legal and financial risks in conjunction with cross-border compliance tasks. The key element here is the inControl solution, which is customised to your needs.