How are major European construction groups performing?

It is obvious that 2015 marked a slight recovery for our sample of major construction groups with an upturn in business and improved operating margins. Growth continues at both sectoral and geographic levels, with a boost in the energy and services sector and growth in business outside of Europe. However, companies are still affected by developments in their domestic markets, as can be seen in France, where construction groups are impacted by a still-sluggish home market.

The construction market growing faster than GDP in Europe

Even before the result of the Brexit referendum, 2016 was an uncertain year for construction in Europe. First quarter publications from the 15 major European construction groups reflect these uncertainties, with an average fall in activity of 5%.

However Construction in Europe has shown signs of recovery for the past two years and has been growing faster than GDP, led by growth in the housing sector (+ 2.8%) and public works sector (+ 6.2%) in 2015.

Against this background of recovery, major European construction groups have also returned to growth (+1.8%) following two years of contraction, due to strong growth in energy and services (+10.2%) and to the international development of the groups, with international order books rising by 6.6%.

Key findings

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Mazars study 2016 – European construction groups