Global German Services

The German economy is amongst the strongest in the world. From here in the heart of the European continent, German companies are exporting and investing across the globe, and with great success.

Founded in Europe and with a distinctly European presence around the world, Mazars is everywhere your company is or plans to be. Whether you want to expand into Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Oceania, Mazars is able to provide your company with professional, reliable and experienced guidance at every stage and on both sides of the border. Because we have an international, integrated partnership involving more than 20,000 employees across 300 offices in 86 countries.

Our Global German Services have allowed us to create incredibly strong links between Germany and its economy’s 30 most important trading nations. We have multinational, interdisciplinary teams for each of these 30 key countries that can provide not only expert advice on legal, tax- and audit-related questions and projects, but also the profound linguistic and intercultural skills and variety of established contacts at authorities, banks and within local business communities needed to guide the way through any obstacles your company may face.

And of course, the Global German Services teams not only work with German companies doing business around the globe, but also with companies from all countries who want to do business in Germany.

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Global German Services



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Mazars, in Europa gegründet und weltweit europäisch geprägt, ist überall dort, wo Ihr Unternehmen ist oder zu sein plant.