Payroll and financial accounting, including reporting

Payroll accounting involves complex connections between labor and social security law as well as income and wage tax regulations. At the same time, the data being processed is highly sensitive and needs to be handled with special care.


Our advisors are familiar with the most recent developments in the relevant areas of law and, if you wish, can perform all the work involved. We make sure that pay slips, salary transfers, statements of contributions made and wage tax filings are prepared and dispatched on time.


Financial accounting is an important documentation and information tool and forms the basis for many decisions in a company. By assuming your financial accounting function, we save you time and allow you to manage your fixed costs flexibly. You decide the extent and the detail of the information you receive and what analyses you require.

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Accounting & Outsourcing

There are good reasons for deciding to outsource the accounting to an external service provider. Our clients, for instance, want to enhance efficiency or improve quality, save costs or free up the finance department from operational activities. They often want a sparring partner to help them prepare financial statements.

Global Payroll Services

Managing global payroll across multiple countries can be challenging for many businesses. You may face different payment dates and deadlines, local rules and regulations, types of deductions, frequency of payments and a variety of reporting requirements. It can also be problematic and inefficient to use multiple local providers and hiring specialists in countries to service only a few employees.

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