The German Mittelstand: A Blueprint for Sustainable Growth

08.05.2017 | Pierre Zapp

The nature of the German Mittelstand has allowed it to become a clear example of sustainability. Usually family-owned, these companies have a long-term outlook which has allowed them to maintain sustainable growth through their focus in specialization and customer needs.

However, the German Mittelstand faces challenges ahead that it must confront in order to continue its role as a dominating force. The advocacy article “The German Mittelstand: A Blueprint for Sustainable Growth” by Pierre Zapp was published in connection with the G20 summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany on .

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A Sustainable Business Model in Transition

13.07.2017 | Dierk Lemmermann, Pierre Zapp Few companies are founded with a clear sense of sustainable business practices, but for more than three million private, family-owned German companies classified as Mittelstands, their long-term approach to business, deep connection and engagement with employees and customers has not only helped them to thrive, but embodies some of the key drivers of a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy that many multi-national companies currently strive for. But have we reached a point of transition?



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