GDPR and e-Privacy: A Major Challenge for Media Companies

Deeply involved in the Media industry and determined to provide Industry Executives with a better overview of the trends and challenges impacting the sector, Mazars publishes a yearly media barometer analyzing the financial performance and the risk factors disclosed on the annual reports of the 100 largest publicly-listed media companies in North America and Europe.

Quantified impacts of IFRS 9: initial findings

At the end of February 2018, all the major European banks published information on the impact of the implementation of the new standard IFRS 9. IFRS 9 introduces numerous changes (classification, impairment, hedging, etc.).

A return to growth for leading European construction companies – 2017 study

Our previous report, published last year, called on leading entities to take a cautious approach in 2016, in particular because of the state of order books at the end of 2015.
This caution has been confirmed by a year that saw the consolidation of business by leading construction companies: a decrease in activity and a slight margin improvement, reflecting a refocus on core business activities and greater selectivity.

Der Umgang mit dem CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz in deutschen Aufsichtsräten

Der vorliegende Status-Report des Deutschen Netzwerks des UN Global Compact, der in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Arbeitskreis deutscher Aufsichtsrat e.V. und Mazars entstanden ist, beschreibt die aktuelle Auseinandersetzung von Aufsichtsräten mit dem CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz (CSR-RUG). Inwieweit sind Aufsichtsräte über ihre Prüfpflicht informiert, wie interpretieren sie diese und wie sieht die Umsetzung aus? Die Studie vermittelt erstmals ein Bild von dem Umgang mit dem neuen Gesetz in deutschen Aufsichtsräten.

Research Report on Board Leadership of Corporate Culture in Europe

Setting the right corporate tone from the top is seen as by far and away the most effective way to influence the culture in today’s businesses. Lead by example, and others will follow that lead. But research among European company board directors reveals that this belief is not being reinforced by action on how their businesses behaves.

Is now the time for alternative valuation methods for the construction industry?

Whether it’s a local company or a major global entity, the valuation of a construction business is often estimated on the basis of multiples of earnings, and therefore essentially founded on a short-term outlook. However, businesses strategies with a long-term vision, such as innovation, energy, concessions and acquisitions are not taken fully into account in valuations. If valuers took a long-term view, through using other valuation methods that make it easier to understand these strategies, would this have an influence on how these firms are valued?

Global E-commerce Report 2017

Mazars is pleased to promote the 2017 edition of the Global Ecommerce report devised by the Ecommerce Foundation, together with the Global Ecommerce Association, gathering +40 local ecommerce association.

Unleashing Africa’s corporate innovation potential

Africa’s decisive transformation is gaining speed, driven by entrepreneurship and innovation. By giving increased access to new ideas, knowledge and technologies, the digital revolution is playing a key role in the emergence of innovation on the continent.

Survey : Managing Risk in the Digital Age

2016 proved to be another sensational year for the global e-commerce industry, with an estimated $2,671 billion in online sales. E-commerce undeniably opens the door to a wealth of competitive advantages and opportunities, but what are the RISKS involved and how are companies managing them?

How are major European construction groups performing?

It is obvious that 2015 marked a slight recovery for our sample of major construction groups with an upturn in business and improved operating margins. Growth continues at both sectoral and geographic levels, with a boost in the energy and services sector and growth in business outside of Europe. However, companies are still affected by developments in their domestic markets, as can be seen in France, where construction groups are impacted by a still-sluggish home market.

Foundation Governance von Stiftungen

Die Foundation Governance vieler Stiftungen liegt im Argen und bedarf dringend der Verbesserung. Um das Bewusstsein hierfür zu stärken, hat die Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Belmont Legal zusammen mit dem private banking magazin und der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Mazars im Sommer 2015 eine Online-Befragung zu diesem Thema durchgeführt.

Indian Automotive Industry | Survey 2014

Since its economic liberalisation, India has experienced record growth. Mazars conducted a survey to provide a forward-looking vision on the evolution of this market by collecting the opinions of Executives in the automotive industry.

How to be a ‘Stand-Out SME’

There is no doubt that SMEs are and will always be the back bone of every economy in Europe. There are over 20 million SMEs in Europe and they have contributed to the generation of substantial income, employment, outputs, innovation and new technologies.

Mazars ESUG-Radar 2014 – Update Juni 2014

Das Gesetz zur weiteren Erleichterung der Sanierung von Unternehmen (ESUG) ist zum 1. März 2012 in Kraft getreten. Schon vor Inkrafttreten und bis heute gab und gibt es Diskussionen in Fachkreisen, ob die Ziele des ESUG richtig waren und in der Praxis auch erreicht wurden.

CFOs: Wie sieht Ihr Energiemix aus?

Mit dem von uns erstmals durchgeführten European Energy Mix Survey 2014 wollen wir eine Basis für die Unternehmen schaffen, ihre Ausrichtung und ihre Maßnahmen national und international zu vergleichen. Dies gilt vor allem im Hinblick auf Strategien, erfolgskritische Themen und Projekte zur Optimierung des Energiemixes.