Stable position: Roever Broenner Susat Mazars ranked ninth again in 2017 in the Lünendonk study on leading auditing firms

21 July 2017 – Consultancy services as a growth driver – focus on internationalisation of SME sector and enhanced regulation

Hamburg, Germany – With growth of 9.1 per cent and annual turnover of € 124.4 million, Roever Broenner Susat Mazars further strengthened its position among Germany’s leading auditing firms last year. The company has once again been placed ninth in the Lünendonk ranking, the annually published market overview.

External growth – as a result of the merger with Steinberg & Partner in Hamburg and the incorporation of teams on the Berlin-Leipzig-Dresden eastern axis – as well as successes due to clear strategic decisions contributed to the strong result. “We are pleased that market participants in the areas which are relevant for us are increasingly choosing us as a partner. This reflects on us and our company,” says Dr Christoph Regierer, Speaker of the Management Board and Partner in Berlin.

SMEs with cross-border activities benefit in particular from the customised solutions offered: the combination of internationality, direct partner contact and expertise in auditing and consulting for regulated sectors provides the advantages of an international group structure and locally based advisors. The company’s main clients include banks, insurance, real estate and energy companies, fund and private equity companies, hospitals and other health service providers, as well as state-owned enterprises. “Our services bridge the gap between international auditing and consulting firms and companies of German origin, thereby meeting the needs of the SME sector,” says Dr Christoph Regierer.

Focus on regulated sectors

An even greater sector-based focus is a key aspect of the Roever Broenner Susat Mazars strategy. “We engage our lawyers and our experts on international tax advisory services as needed,” says Dr Regierer, describing the multidisciplinary range of services for businesses. A diverse range of expertise and specialised industry knowledge provide added value for the client. The auditing and tax consulting firm’s own growth course benefits clearly from its involvement in the area of financial services, including fund providers and private equity companies, as well as in regulated industries such as the health, energy and real estate sectors.

Consultancy services are the number one growth area

As part of its market study, Lünendonk identified consultancy services in particular as a growth driver for the most successful auditing and tax consulting firms. This is also the case for Roever Broenner Susat Mazars, where consultancy services combined with international expansion are in demand: international tax advisory services, international VAT, transfer pricing and global mobility services. In addition, the company assumes the role of its clients’ payroll and financial accounting departments in full so they can concentrate on their core business by outsourcing these activities. The demand for IT audits, process consultancy and optimisation, and consultancy on the issues of governance, risk management and compliance is growing significantly.