Signals | Digital Collaboration Platform

We live in a world where we want to have access to the most recent information, from anywhere and at any time. Data security standards and legislation are also becoming increasingly important. That is why we created Signals, our digital collaboration platform to collaborate with you.

Signals is a unique online platform that enables you to work with us in a simple, safe and personal way. Signals provides you a unique collaborative experience.

What does Signals offer?

  • Online collaboration
  • Secure way to share and store your documents
  • Personal timeline
  • Direct contact with your Mazars specialist
  • Personalised updates for you and your company

How you and your company can profit from Signals

  • Have a clear overview on status and actions needed with the Signals timeline
  • Receive notifications to follow up on outstanding actions and receive status updates
  • View, edit, and work simultaneously on documents
  • Have clear expectations on the delivery and timeline agreed by  you with Mazars
  • Have access on any device, wherever and whenever you want
  • Documents and data are only accessible by the people you have authorized
  • Exchange information and documents with Mazars securely
  • Qualified digital signature and digital approval of documents and reports
  • Keep a full audit trail of all actions that have been performed
  • Personalised content which is relevant for you and your company
  • Be always in direct contact by phone or email with your specialist at Mazars