Mazars in Germany

Mazars is your global partner for auditing, tax advisory services, legal advice, advisory services and consulting in Germany.

We are currently number nine on the list of leading auditing and consultancy firms in the country. With its strong presence in Europe and around the world, the international Mazars partnership is also one of the leading players in the sector.

With our comprehensive expertise in a variety of sectors and multidisciplinary range of services, we are your partner and expert for any and all business queries. We work with clients of all sizes: from wealthy individuals and small and medium-sized companies to international and listed groups, start-ups and public organisations. Our shared goal is to use our personal touch and wealth of experience to create added value for you – value that is tailored, focused and sustainable.

For us, it is not only commercial added value that counts, but also the added value for society. We believe that companies have to take social responsibility, and we stand firmly behind the concept of “creating shared value”. The central idea behind this concept is the mutual reliance between a company’s competitiveness and the well-being of the society it is part of.

Ethical behaviour, integrity and value-oriented leadership have always been part of Mazars’ DNA. Our global “Business. For Good™” initiative encourages companies to think and act sustainably with a long-term perspective. For successful and sustainable enterprise in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Multidisciplinary auditing and consulting

We see ourselves as a sparring partner for our clients – with all of the benefits that our expertise and external perspective have to offer. Our comprehensive knowledge of the necessary figures, contexts and backgrounds are our shared starting point. When it comes to developing the solutions they need, our clients rely on the perspective and knowledge of experts from our multidisciplinary auditing and consulting firm. We bring our in-house auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, IT and corporate consultants, and international experts from the Mazars partnership in your target countries together to suit your needs. We work hand in hand to support you with long-term, tailor-made solutions. Modern. Multidisciplinary. Compliant with the law.

Qualified staff

Our staff have outstanding levels of expertise in a variety of specialised fields. As well as being qualified auditors, lawyers or tax advisors, our employees also hold further certifications as actuaries, CPAs, CFAs, CISAs and more. Outside of their work at Mazars, many of our experts are also members of professional organisations and chambers, including the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany. They are part of working groups, supervisory and specialist boards, give talks, and publish specialised articles and books.

In numbers

In Germany

Offices in Germany

International presence and partnerships

Alongside the 86 countries in which the integrated Mazars partnership operates, there are 16 countries in which Mazars works with affiliated offices. Furthermore, we are also a member of Praxity Global Alliance Ltd, an alliance of independent auditing and consultancy firms. With our strong international focus, we offer our clients global audits compliant with international standards and cross-border consulting services with international teams covering everything from international tax law, VAT and transfer pricing to international transactions. The uniform use of tools and solutions by all of our partners worldwide allows us to give you complete transparency.

As a member of Marcalliance, our lawyers also work on an international level. Together, the independent member firms within Marcalliance have 20 chambers in Europe, Asia and Africa. The lawyers have experience in all areas of national and international commercial law, including corporate law, real estate law, employment law, selling and purchasing companies, restructuring and reorganisation, competition law, commercial legal protection and tax law.