China Desk 中国部

Our China Desk supports Chinese companies in their efforts to take advantage of eco-nomic opportunities in Europe and particularly on the German market. As the strongest economic country in Europe, Germany offers a variety of opportunities to start and develop business. In the dynamic environment of the powerful economy, Germany is a fine location to access the European market and a hub to the neighbouring countries France, the Netherlands and Central Middle East. More and more Chinese companies are taking these advantages to start and develop business in Germany.

Our China Desk in Germany offers market and industry knowledge, professional expertise and cultural understanding. Our long-term experience and our reliable network within the German market are available to you through our 12 offices in Germany.

We audit and advise numerous subsidiaries of international Chinese companies. Since 1997 we have established our presence in China and we know the advantage of working without boundaries in the global business world.

In 2016 Mazars has completed a major strategic merger in China, joining forces with the accounting firm ZhongShen ZhongHuan strengthening our partnership and our presence in the important China market with now more than 1,800 professionals in China. Beside the offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong we have now office in nearly 20 cities. We will be pleased to welcome you.

Our China Desk may support you in particular with regard to

  • The market entry in Germany
  • Compliance (e.g. Tax and employment law)
  • Audit of financial accounts and consolidated accounts
  • M&A support – Tax, legal and financial Due Diligence
  • Global Bridging

European China Desk







  • 进入德国市场
  • 满足合规和监管要求(如:税务合规或劳动法合规)
  • 年度财务报表以及合并财务报表审计
  • 为并购项目提供财务、税务、法律尽职调查
  • 国际文化衔接

European China Desk