The EU Audit Reform paves the way for a new audit environment in Europe

Launched in 2010, the legislative process of the EU Audit Reform reached an end as the new Regulation and the amended Directive were put to vote by the European Parliament on 3 April 2014. This reform was adopted after an intense and fruitful debate among all interested stakeholders and market players.

The new legislation is expected to be adopted by all 28 Member States by 17 June 2016. Given the importance of this legislation, Mazars strives to provide a thorough understanding of the changes introduced at both the European Union and Member State levels.



Video: Partner Christoph Regierer zu Joint Audit

Kaum treten wieder vermehrt Bilanzskandale auf, wird diskutiert, ob man nicht gesetzlich verpflichtende Joint Audits einführen sollte, also die Prüfung durch zwei WP-Häuser gleichzeitig. Die großen Wirtschaftsprüfer sind dagegen, die kleineren wittern ihre Chance – so auch Mazars.