Process Mining brings processes back on track!

Process mining shows deviations from how the process should be and how it actually is put into use in business. Possible deviations are generally viewed subjectively in practice. The result: Specific weak points are not clearly identified, strategic business activities are pushed to the background, the overall process is hindered.

We show how your internal processes are actually put into use – in a measurable way and based on facts.

The benefits are clear:

1.) Identification of processes that are running poorly, long waiting times, unnecessary loops in the process as well as particularly complex and costly procedures.

2.) Visualisation of the interfaces and derivation of appropriate measures to correct issues.

3.) Uncovering and quantification of supplier misconduct.

4.) Identification of employee misconduct as well as errors in the configuration of ERP systems.

5.) Identification of process risks and compliance analyses as well as all other cost-pushers.

Process mining always makes sense to use in matters of analysing operative processes that are primarily monitored and managed using IT systems (ERP, CRM and other systems). For example, process mining made it possible to reduce the process costs in numerous projects by 10–15 per cent. In addition to this, employee misconduct can be corrected quickly by reconfiguring the ERP system.