International Management Support

International Management Support as “fire fighting” in foreign subsidiaries of German small- and medium-sized enterprises. Focus on: Crisis management – Control – Optimisation – fast and effective with experienced practitioners. Trust is important to us. We are happy to introduce ourselves personally – well in advance.


You have the feeling that an important issue at one of your foreign subsidiaries is getting out of control. The facts need to be clarified on location – independently and soundly! Or the implementation of an important project is at risk and local management is not getting a handle on the problem. By the time one of the responsible parties can schedule a trip, the situation in the foreign subsidiary might have become significantly worse.

If you have a fire that needs putting out quickly, we can provide the right solution for you. In the case of difficulties with your foreign subsidiaries, we provide rapid management support on site – wherever that may be!

  • Our seasoned executives have extensive experience in the management of successful foreign subsidiaries. They possess the necessary professionalism and seniority to act in your best interest.
  • Beyond that, with respect to local and country-specific issues, we can draw on the implementation skills of Mazars in more than seventy countries around the world. The special ability of our experienced “fire fighters” lies in their precise and seamless on-site integration.

Focus on:

  • Crisis management: Rapidly identify the problems on site and immediately implement measures in coordination with management at the head office.
  • Control: Ensure compliance with internal guidelines and that requirements are being implemented effectively and economically.
  • Optimisation: How can existing organisational weaknesses be addressed in the short term?
  • What other regulations are required and how can their implementation and compliance with them be assured?
  • What kind of reporting can be put into place so as to ensure early detection and to avoid situations like this in future?


Save time for top management

  • by avoiding last-minute travel – which may often not be possible

Rapid results

  • through swift, focused and effective action; results will be available within a few days

Implementation by seasoned practitioners

  • with many years of experience in managing the foreign subsidiaries of small- and medium-sized world market leaders
  • as sparring partners for local management and peer consultants for management at the head office
  • who do not act by rote but rather fulfil the individual task at hand with a systematic approach

We are happy to introduce ourselves to you personally – well in advance!