Wealthy private individuals

As a wealthy private individual, you have very special needs in terms of asset structuring in the national and international context, combined with the highest standards of confidentiality. Due to the complex structure of your assets, interdisciplinary consulting approaches are of crucial importance.

High-net-worth individuals have complex asset structures that require expert tax guidance. An analysis of the asset situation in the private as well as business area is the first decisive step in asset planning and optimisation. Once these relationships and structures have been clearly identified, we work with you to draw up an individual concept for structuring your assets. We develop customized, long-term and individual solutions for you based on an integrated approach, which our tax and legal experts pursue. 

Are you and your family internationally positioned in terms of residence and investments? Then we will support you with our advice on tax structuring in an international context. We monitor your tax status in different jurisdictions, protect your assets against departure and departure taxation and assist you in planning potential changes in your personal life situation.

Would you like to arrange your company succession or are you thinking about how to pass on your assets to the next generation? We also advise and support you with your individual succession planning. In connection with your succession issues, our services and offers on the subject of inheritance tax and gifts as well as the transfer of companies and real estate may also be of interest to you.  

We also advise you on charitable donations and philanthropy. As an organisation that has its own charitable foundation and is committed to numerous good causes worldwide, we understand that many wealthy private individuals want to make a contribution to society. We advise you on how you can implement this in a tax-efficient manner and with maximum effect.  

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