Transactions and restructuring

In a drive for greater expansion or focus on selected activities or core competences, more and more companies are active on various markets at home and abroad.

On the one hand, this requires that companies have a forward-looking tax strategy and planning. On the other, fast business decisions and flexible responses are essential. Our advisory services comprise the following areas:

• Mergers & Acquisitions:
During the acquisition or sale of companies and investments as well as during structural reorganizations, issues of major tax or legal relevance arise in a national or international context. Our team of certified tax advisors, lawyers, and auditors supports you in the process of finding the alternative that suits you best, as well as during its implementation. We accompany you during the entire process.

Our advice also extends to:

- Tax due diligence reviews to evaluate risks and develop concepts for an individual negotiation strategy on tax issues
- Review of clauses in the contracts of relevance for tax purposes
- Communication with the tax authorities during the transaction/M&A or subsequently in a tax field audit

• Reorganization:
Besides typical restructuring topics, we devote our attention to tax-oriented topics such as the retention of loss carry forwards or the identification and mitigation of risks from excise duties and transaction taxes.