We have always been a partner that German and international Mittelstands can rely on. Our advisory services in the areas of auditing, tax, legal, consulting and IT are specially tailored to the needs of family businesses and business families. With the launch of our Mittelstand Services unit, we are responding even more closely to the needs of our small and medium-sized clients.

Mittelstand Services

Let’s talk Mittelstand – both in Germany and across the globe

“Innovation and internationalisation are at the heart of our approach to consultancy,” explains Rainer Weichhaus, Strategic Head of Mittelstand Services. More than ever, these two challenges are crucial factors in the sustainable success of Mittelstands. “And this is precisely what we are committed to achieving with you by taking a professional and partnership-oriented approach, in both the long and short haul,” adds Tobias Zickmann, who is jointly responsible for the programme with Rainer Weichhaus.

Optimize Hub: staying on course for success

As the commercial environment surrounding a company now changes faster than ever (labour market, technology, competition, regulatory requirements, etc.), it is often necessary to change course quickly. If companies fail to do so, they can unintentionally and unknowingly end up on the wrong track. Therefore, regular checks are recommended.

With this in mind, Mazars has developed Optimize Hub – a software program that helps us monitor the key functions of your business as part of a short and structured assessment. By deploying Optimize Hub, we are able to gain an in-depth understanding of the current performance of your company. This is extremely important for us, as it forms the foundation of sustainable success at your company and acts as the basis of our consultancy approach.

Your first port of call

The Mittelstand Services team is on hand, both in Germany and across the globe, with traditional consulting services, as well as new and modern solutions that reflect the context of internationalisation and innovation. Simply get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.

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