North America

The North American economic area is incredibly important. Companies from all over the world have invested here and are generating long-term profits. Mazars has a number of offices in North America, predominately in the US, Canada and Bermuda.

Our company has always been a professional and competent advisor to firms looking to expand abroad. We focus on providing support with founding offices, company acquisitions and joint ventures, as well as providing ongoing guidance from within the new country.

The US is a particularly key market for the German economy. For this reason, Mazars Germany has worked with Mazars USA to create the USA Services – a consulting portfolio tailored precisely to the needs of German companies in the US and US companies in Germany.

Alongside its USA Services, Mazars also operates US Tax Desk. US Tax Desk is a group of German, Dutch, British, Irish and Luxembourgian tax advisors, all specialising in US regulations. It focuses on US companies that are planning to invest, or that already have invested, in the European capital and export market, and guides them professionally and reliably through the European tax landscape, particularly with regard to optimising their tax payments when founding subsidiaries and acquiring companies in Europe, and in the context of the import/export market.