Central & South America

The Central and South American economic area plays an important role in the global economy: companies from all over the world, including Germany, have invested here and are generating long-term profits.

Mazars has a number of offices across the region, including in Argentina, Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, the Dutch Caribbean, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. All of these offices work closely with our Central & South America Services, which are coordinated from Germany.

When it comes to ensuring commercial success abroad, the importance of professional, reliable guidance in legal, tax- and audit-related queries and projects is not to be underestimated. Whether at home, abroad, and not least at the interface between countries.

The Mazars Central & South America Services team, led by Lutz Beck (Mazars Hamburg), comprises lawyers, tax and corporate consultants and auditors from Germany and abroad. The services are designed to meet the specific needs of German companies doing business in Central and South America and vice versa.

They predominately cover advice on all aspects of importing and exporting, founding offices and company acquisitions abroad. However, Mazars also offers a portfolio of basic recurring services for everything from payroll and financial accounting to annual financial statements, tax returns and company audits.

Areas covered by the Mazars Central & South America Services at a glance

Starting out

  • Establishing business premises
  • Founding a company
  • Company acquisitions
  • Joint ventures

Optimising tax payments

  • International tax structuring
  • Transfer pricing
  • Value added tax and customs

Safeguarding rights

  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Trademark and IT law
  • Real estate

Managing staff

  • Global mobility and personnel deployment
  • HR management
  • Payroll accounting
  • Employment law

Meeting obligations

  • Value added tax and customs
  • Financial accounting
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Global, software-supported project and deadline management

Assessing and managing risks

  • Statutory audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Internal audits
  • Risk, compliance and responsibility
  • Human rights

Maximum quality is guaranteed when Mazars supports your company in every country you operate in. But we also provide the same level of dedication if you only need us as your professional partner in a single country, for individual projects that require specific expertise or are urgent, or for situations where you need a qualified second opinion. 

Mazars’ services are characterised by close connections, direct communication and our advisors’ commitment to providing world class, pragmatic and clear solutions from a single source for all of our clients. Our pricing structure is completely transparent and tailored to your needs.

Contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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