Assistance with capital market transactions

Quite apart from the plethora of additional capital market transactions, such as capital increases, bond issues, changes in stock-market segment and delisting, initial public offerings (IPO) involve major challenges for companies. Our IPO experts advise you to choose the right strategy for your stock-market flotation from the outset. We coordinate with you on structuring all processes as efficiently as possible in order to facilitate a rapid and successful IPO.

We work with you to develop the equity story and then help you to prepare and analyse or audit a meaningful business plan and the required company presentation. We assess eligibility for stock-market trading as regards structures and processes, financial and corporate reporting and corporate governance. And when it comes to issuing the securities prospectus and preparing the relevant financial market data, we use our expert knowledge of the capital markets to advise you.

Our range of services in this area includes:

  • Process management
  • Assistance with achieving eligibility for the capital markets
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparation and/or validation of a reliable business plan
  • (Indicative) corporate valuation
  • Equity story, IPO fact book, prospectus compilation
  • Preparation of financial data
  • Assistance with capital market follow-up requirements