Transaction related valuations

Corporate valuations provide an essential basis for decisions on transac-tions: The value of a company determines the purchase price, decides whether it will be a minor, major or equal partner in a merger and influences its position on the capital market. Crucial for a reliable valuation is to consider not only the market position of the relevant company but also the structure and development potential of the relevant market setting.

We will assess your company’s current status and then identify, analyse and professionally evaluate opportunities and risks. This will help you to make a reliable assessment of the starting position and your future options in contract and price negotiations, thereby ensuring your commercial success.

When it comes to corporate transactions, we carry out analyses of the market and the competition as well as due diligence and identify indicative enterprise values. In addition, we assist companies of various sizes to raise capital funds on the capital market.

Depending on the reason for the valuation, we act both as consultant and in the capacity of a neutral expert or arbitrator.