Today, digitalisation influences the client behaviour of both companies and end customers more than ever before. Customers are increasingly looking for and finding their products and services on the internet, wherever they are, around the clock. The boundary between online and offline business is blurring ever more rapidly. Even today, most sales transactions are completed online. The digital business footprint is therefore growing in importance. But the digital performance is often not suf-ficient to achieve the required goals.

Digital footprint: social media

Social media have become a key success factor for companies’ marketing and sales. 80% of all companies now see social media management as an important part of the marketing mix. But not all businesses share the same objectives and focus topics, so there is no definitive recipe for success.

Companies must keep an eye on a multitude of factors in order to succeed on social media.

Is the social media strategy geared towards objectives that are important to the success of your company? Does the social media governance framework fit the strategy? Which focus topics should your company concentrate on, and in which channels, in order to reach the desired target group and face the competition effectively? Last but not least, which KPIs determine the success of your social media activities?

How Mazars supports you



Quick Check 3:  Social Media Assessment

Our Social Media Assessment is your company’s first step towards ensuring that your social media activities contribute to the success of your business in the long term.

  • We establish transparency with regard to the maturity and effectiveness of the social media governance framework (strategy, policies, processes and people), as well as the actual value it adds to your corporate strategy
  • We draw up specific recommendations for action regarding the optimisation of the social media governance framework and its implementation
  • We support you in implementing a process for monitoring and optimising your social media activities, guaranteeing the sustained success of your company on social media

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Das Kundenverhalten sowohl von Unternehmen als auch von Endkunden wird heute mehr denn je durch die Digitalisierung beeinflusst. Kunden suchen und finden ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen orts- und zeitübergreifend im Internet. Der Übergang zwischen Online- und Offline-Business verschmilzt in zunehmender Geschwindigkeit. Kaufabschlüsse erfolgen schon heute überwiegend online.

Digital marketing and sales

The digital footprint as a key success factor for your business