Change management for IT-related projects and transformations

Technological change has become a defining feature of our time and a key success factor for modern organisations. However, progress is never simply the result of implementing the latest technologies: it always needs to be driven by the managers and employees who understand the value of the innovation and make it their tool.

We are aware of the significance of organisations and cultures and can advise you on the people side of your IT-related projects and transformation programmes. In doing so, we can make a vital contribution to your long-term success.

Crucial factors that our methodology focuses on are:

  1. Clear, compelling arguments in favour of the new technology that will make a lasting difference to your corporate strategy and goals
  2. An architecture comprising communication and empowerment measures, including implementation responsibilities, tailored to your stakeholders
  3. Your managers’ commitment to the project’s success
  4. Your users’ willingness and ability to use the new technology before it goes live
  5. User satisfaction after the implementation as the basis for anchoring the innovation in your organisation for the long term 

Our change managers and coaches have a background in technology, are familiar with the leading IT trends and products and specialise in digital transformation projects.

Advanced subject area and methodological expertise combined with many years’ experience make us the ideal partner to help you navigate your way through technological change to consistent success in the future.