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Humboldt University was founded in 1810 and is not only the oldest university in Berlin but also “the mother of modern universities”. It is one of Germany’s elite universities and is an institution with which our partners have worked closely since the reunification of Germany.

In order to further strengthen the position of the Humboldt University when ranked nationally and internationally, the Humboldt University Society | Association of the Friends, Graduates and Sponsors of the Humboldt University , of which we are a founding member, supports the the university’s ideals, provides financial and material resources and organises exchanges between the public and other organisations in our society. Our partner, Dr. Christoph Regierer , auditor, attorney and tax advisor, is presently acting as Treasurer on the Board. Our former partner, Ruprecht Röver (†), attorney, was the President of the association for 17 years until the 31st of December 2012. On 20th of August 2013, Mr. Röver was awarded with the German Federal Cross of Merit [Bundesverdienstkreuz] for his volunteer commitments and service to the Humboldt University Society.

Mazars sponsors the Institute of Accounting and Auditing , presently held by Professor Joachim Gassen by donating a scholarship that was promised at the 70th birthday celebration of Ruprecht Röver in 2008. The topics of the dissertations sponsored thus far are Pension Provisions in Accordance with the Accounting Law Modernisation Act written by Jochen Pierk and Value Relevance and Reliability of the Individual Step of the fair-value Hierarchy written by Nader Hemaidan. After Mr. Röver’s retirement, our partner, Dr. Reinhard Schubert , auditor and tax advisor, has been maintaining contact with doctoral candidates.


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