Real estate

Recently real estate has developed into an interesting and thoroughly worthy asset class on the capital market.

Despite the influence of regional market exigencies and ever more difficult requirements due to special rules and regulations, and taxes, real estate is gaining ever more importance as anattractive investment, in particular in metropolitan areas. Increasing competition, rising demands on utilisation and profitability make the development of customised solutions necessary. There is an ever greater demand for the advice and knowledge of experts for real estate transactions. 

Our real estate team consisting of auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, bank and financing specialists as well as experts for real estate valuations guides firms in the real estate and construction industries, domestic and foreign real estate investors and also private real estate investors to effectively deal with the increasing complexity of real estate business issues along the value-added chain. Alongside the classic real estate investors, our clients also include real estate funds, non-property firms, insurance companies, non-profit institutions and private entities, health care facility operators and municipal institutions.