Mazars in Germany publishes first sustainability report

As our heritage and values show, it has always been one of Mazars’ top priorities to take care of others. This approach embraces a clear commitment to the environment and society as a whole, as well as a promise to pave the way for a prosperous future for the generations to come. Sustainability is an inherent part of our approach. But what is the current situation at Mazars in Germany regarding the issue of sustainability? What sustainability goals do we follow, and what have we already achieved? Our first sustainability report provides answers to these questions and more.

Overview of the four fields of action

We have identified four fields of action within our sustainability strategy:

  • Integrity and trust highlights the fields of compliance and data protection, among others, as well as integrity as the foundation of long-term client relationships based on trust.
  • People and transformation focuses among other things on what we do to ensure our employees utilize their full potential and are able to actively shape the company.
  • Climate and environment shows how our responsible approach to energy and resources contributes to the reduction in climate-relevant emissions, for example.
  • Society and engagement demonstrates how we promote public well-being through different initiatives in the areas of culture, sport and education.

People at the heart

People who reflect the diversity of society work together at Mazars in Germany. They are all united by the Mazars Group’s common understanding of tradition and values. Appreciation, equal opportunities, diversity and the compatibility of work and family life are all an expression of our corporate culture.

Mazars focuses on interdisciplinary further training and a participatory approach so that all employees can reach their full potential and actively shape the company. As an example, each employee has the opportunity to drive forward the digital transformation. In this way, Mazars consciously acquires digitalisation expertise and long-term innovative strength from within instead of hiring externally.

Basic principles of the report

This first sustainability report, based on the 2019/2020 financial year, is an honest snapshot of our approach to sustainability. It forms the basis for our sustainability reporting, which we plan to publish annually. In terms of structure, the report follows the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (GSC), the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI SRS) and the ten UN Global Compact principles.

Download our first sustainability report in full here:


Mazars Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Deutschland [EN]
Mazars Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Deutschland [EN]