China Desk 中国部

Our China Desk supports Chinese companies in their efforts to take advantage of economic opportunities in Europe and particularly on the German market.

玛泽公司立志于服务希望在德国乃至欧洲市场寻找商机的中国企业。 作为一家起源欧洲的国际专业服务机构,玛泽致力于为客户提供具有竞争力的个性化定制服务。

As a strong economic country in Europe, Germany offers a variety of opportunities to start business. In the dynamic environment of the powerful economy, Germany is a fine location to access the European market. More and more Chinese companies take into account to start with investment here.


Our China Desk in Germany offers market and industry knowledge, professional expertise and cultural understanding. Our long-term experience and our reliable network within the German market are available to you through our 12 offices in Germany.


We audit and advise numerous subsidiaries of international Chinese companies. Since we have established our presence in China in 1997 we know what it means to work without boundaries in the global business world. If you wish to start with us at home, we will be pleased to welcome you in offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong.


Our China Desk may support you in particular with regard to

  • Your intended external growth plan in Germany
  • The choice of the appropriate location and legal form for your business in Germany
  • The start of your business by taking care of your obligations, as taxes, accounting or dealing with German labour law
  • Your international reporting by a regular audit of your local financial statements and by optimizing the transition of your local accounting into an international accounting 


  • 预测您所投资的领域在德国的外部增长效应
  • 量身定制的德国投资咨询方案
  • 代理记帐,税务合规,法律支持
  • 德国境内年终报表审计以及国际财务报告合并优化服务

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European China Desk

Unsere Leistungen 我们的服务

Wir bieten ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus Outsourcing & Accounting, Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuer- und Unternehmensberatung sowie Rechtsberatung.


Accounting & Outsourcing

There are good reasons for deciding to outsource the accounting to an external service provider. Our clients, for instance, want to enhance efficiency or improve quality, save costs or free up the finance department from operational activities. They often want a sparring partner to help them prepare financial statements.

Tax advisory

Whether capital market oriented international group, owner managed business or high net worth individual; whether domestic or international activities – tax issues are a decisive factor for all business transactions. Therefore it is our ambition to develop optimized tax strategies in order to achieve a long-term and sustainable reduction of your tax burden.


As accounting requirements become more international and financing instruments are used more widely, competent and independent auditing continues to gain in importance.

Gobal Bridging – China Desk Consulting

Expansion and new business are a key success factors for Chinese companies. As part of the China Desk, we offer comprehensive advice and support in the planning and implementation of international projects.