Transfer pricing

Transfer prices play a major role in every company with cross-border activities, including the current intra-group supply and service relationships, financial integration, but also reorganizations within the group, such as functional relocations.

Transfer prices bear significant risks in tax field audits; however, they also offer room for tax efficient structuring.

In order to adequately encounter the risks and use all possibilities for optimization, our Mazars experts not only consider the German regulations, but also take into account the risks and opportunities arising from the transfer price regulations in the other countries implied in your operations. This is particularly possible since Mazars can draw on the expertise of its 14,000 professionals in over 70 countries and thus offer seamless cross-border support in all areas relating to transfer pricing.

  • supporting you with the tax efficient structuring of your transfer prices by advising you on the choice of permitted transfer pricing systems and their formal implementation through the preparation / verification of intra-group agreements and guidelines
  • preparing the required legal documentation and training your employees regarding transfer price issues
  • vindicating the transfer prices against the tax authorities in the context of tax field audits



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